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What Do We Do?

Health Action Overseas is a registered UK Charity, helping people with disabilities to participate as full members of society in a way that respects their dignity and rights.

How do we do it?

By providing support and activities which develop the skills and capabilities of people living with disabilities to live independently and to gain education and employment which allows them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

By helping them to have a voice that is heard by Government and society so that their needs are included in decision making.

Who do we work with?

HAO UK works in partnership with Fundatia pentru o Viata mai Buna (FVB) and with HAO Ireland to assist local and government authorities in host countries.

A Good News Story


This is Adrian aged 9 years old, unable to walk or talk when he was first found in one of Romania’s orphanages. Abandoned at the age of 3, he spent the next 6 years of his life in a baby’s cot. Adrian had been labelled ‘irrecuperable’; in Romania this means someone who cannot progress or learn. After a year of intense work by HAO Ireland’s volunteer therapists, Adrian was walking and talking like any other young boy. Now in his 20s he is in full time paid employment and with the support of HAO Ireland in March 2011, Adrian moved into his own studio apartment, a dream he would otherwise not have realised.



Adrian is just one of many HAO Ireland success stories over the last 20 years. HAO UK wants your support to increase the number of success stories.

We are raising money to move more Romanian young adults, living with disabilities, from their current institutional home into supported housing. This will help them to make a step away from institutional living towards independent living.

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